Since the introduction of new native comment features from the Ghost developer team, this site has activated the signup option as a prerequisite.

In the following article I have explained how and why this has happened and what it means for current and future visitors of the Blackvoid site.

Here I would like to present the membership tiers in a bit more detail as well as what they will offer.

Blackvoid's current setup will offer three (3) tiers. One free and two commercial ones.

Tier 1 - free tier with full access and comment options
Commercial tiers - completely optional with some added perks 
Free (Tier 1) - initial free tier will be a needed membership in order to comment and participate in a discussion section (at the bottom of every article). Members of this tier will have full access to the content, as before.

Plus series (Tier 2) - first commercial tier will unlock 1:1 support on the topics of Synology or Docker.

XS+ series (Tier 3) - is the second commercial tier that will have additional hours per month on top of the Tier 2 benefits.

Commercial tiers will be of course optional and are mainly here for anyone willing to support the site. Jumping between tiers will be possible at any time as well as complete cancellation of your subscription.

DISCLAIMER: Blackvoid will not send any digest emails, newsletters, or collect emails in favor of selling them for advertising!

Once you register with the site, logging in will be done by the use of your email link that will be sent to your registration email address. Be sure to use a working email, that you have access to. No passwords are used during registration or sign-in processes. This is by design.