UPDATE: 29/11/2023 - new BSM update - 65109 has been added to the download site. Some packages have certain changes but nothing in terms of new features.

UPDATE: 08/11/2023 - added new information on a new BeePhotos domain detected online thanks to "John Doe" (identity withheld). Information on the bottom.

UPDATE: 01/11/2023 - added new BeeFile and BeePhotos logo/icon found in the new BSM update - 65087

New BSM OS 65087

With this new update, there are some slight changes to some packages, and a new one focusing on the BeePhotos functionality.

root    2206999 Oct 30 06:48 bee-AdminCenter-armv8bee-1.0.1-0051.spk
root    4849939 Oct 30 06:48 bee-Fonts-armv8bee-1.0.1-0001.spk
root      13486 Oct 30 06:48 BeePhotos-armv8bee-1.0.0-10002.spk
root    5464010 Oct 30 06:48 CloudSync-armv8bee-2.6.2-2520.spk
root    1016185 Oct 30 06:48 CodecPack-rtd1619bmango-3.1.2-3020.spk
root     143527 Oct 30 06:48 exFAT-Free-armv8bee-7.2.0-0354.spk
root    6226616 Oct 30 06:48 FileStation-armv8bee-1.3.5-1527.spk
root   14901523 Oct 30 06:48 HyperBackup-armv8bee-4.1.0-3430.spk
root    3923612 Oct 30 06:48 MangoDrive-armv8bee-1.0.0-10223.spk
root   14014546 Oct 30 06:48 Node.js_v18-armv8bee-18.16.1-1009.spk
root   12261105 Oct 30 06:48 PHP7.4-armv8bee-7.4.33-0130.spk
root    5378327 Oct 30 06:48 Python2-armv8bee-2.7.18-1004.spk
root    3193326 Oct 30 06:48 QuickConnect-armv8bee-1.0.3-0070.spk
root    8762296 Oct 30 06:48 SMBService-armv8bee-4.15.13-0852.spk
root    3050758 Oct 30 06:48 SynologyApplicationService-armv8bee-1.7.5-20612.spk
root   27185066 Oct 30 06:48 SynologyDrive-armv8bee-3.4.1-25756.spk
root  125423740 Oct 30 06:48 SynologyPhotosBSM-rtd1619bmango-1.6.0-0634.spk
root    7858022 Oct 30 06:48 SynologyUniversalSearch-armv8bee-1.7.0-0703.spk
root   11398411 Oct 30 06:48 UniversalViewer-armv8bee-1.1.0-0156.spk
root    1386810 Oct 30 06:48 USBCopy-armv8bee-2.2.1-1306.spk

Packages inside BSM revision 65087

UPDATE: 29/10/2023 - added a new section on the bottom covering some potential "Bee AdminCenter and BeeStation features"

You have read it correctly! Looks like a new Synology operating system is coming on top of DSM and SRM covering their NAS and router lineup.

Named BSM, this new OS will likely be a result of a brand-new product line that we have yet to see. The install file (PAT) is already accessible on the archive site, under its own version, 1.0-65078.

New Synology BSM OS under its initial version, 1.0-65078

What kind of product is it?

It is clear that this is a brand-new product line that deserves its own new OS. Some more information can be found inside the PAT file so let's see what's under the hood.


VERSION file information for the new BSM OS

As it can be seen, the new OS will be based in some way on the DSM 7.2 by the looks of it, even though it is advertised as version 1.0 in the name.

Looking further, we can see the supported packages as well:


BSM supported packages

From this list, it is clear that it is some sort of a network device, that can work with some familiar apps, such as Hyper Backup, CloudSync, Photos, and Drive. We can also see File Station indicating it will not be a DAS (direct-attach-storage) but in fact some class of NAS.

Now speaking of packages, we can also reflect on the size of the PAT file. It is much larger than an average DSM install, almost double in some cases. The reason for this is that all of these packages are part of the OS installation. This indicates that this might be some sort of turn-key device that will be preinstalled with the OS and possibly with the apps as well.

root    2206999 Oct 16 06:22 bee-AdminCenter-armv8bee-1.0.1-0051.spk
root    4849939 Oct 16 06:22 bee-Fonts-armv8bee-1.0.1-0001.spk
root    5464010 Oct 16 06:22 CloudSync-armv8bee-2.6.2-2520.spk
root    1013925 Oct 16 06:22 CodecPack-rtd1619bmango-3.1.0-3011.spk
root     143527 Oct 16 06:22 exFAT-Free-armv8bee-7.2.0-0354.spk
root    6226616 Oct 16 06:22 FileStation-armv8bee-1.3.5-1527.spk
root   14901523 Oct 16 06:22 HyperBackup-armv8bee-4.1.0-3430.spk
root    3911945 Oct 16 06:22 MangoDrive-armv8bee-1.0.0-10214.spk
root   14014546 Oct 16 06:22 Node.js_v18-armv8bee-18.16.1-1009.spk
root   12261105 Oct 16 06:22 PHP7.4-armv8bee-7.4.33-0130.spk
root    5378327 Oct 16 06:22 Python2-armv8bee-2.7.18-1004.spk
root    3193326 Oct 16 06:22 QuickConnect-armv8bee-1.0.3-0070.spk
root    8762296 Oct 16 06:22 SMBService-armv8bee-4.15.13-0852.spk
root    3050758 Oct 16 06:22 SynologyApplicationService-armv8bee-1.7.5-20612.spk
root   27095599 Oct 16 06:22 SynologyDrive-armv8bee-3.4.0-25713.spk
root  124491050 Oct 16 06:22 SynologyPhotosBSM-rtd1619bmango-1.6.0-0631.spk
root    7858022 Oct 16 06:22 SynologyUniversalSearch-armv8bee-1.7.0-0703.spk
root   10978029 Oct 16 06:22 UniversalViewer-armv8bee-1.1.0-0123.spk
root    1386810 Oct 16 06:22 USBCopy-armv8bee-2.2.1-1306.spk

Packages are part of the initial BSM PAT file

The interesting bit that we can see here are names of two packages at the top. The bee-AdminCenter, and bee-Fonts. This could mean this is a brand new "Bee-like" device, that, unlike the recent official DAS model, the BeeDrive, is a bigger and more capable NAS version.

Regarding the BSM name, if we look at this URL, we can see that Synology registered back in August a new name, "BeeStation". A pretty easy guess is that BeeStationManager stands behind those three letters.

One last thing that the packages reveal is the CPU architecture being used, the ARM v8. Now at the moment, Synology is using Realtek RTD1619B as their v8 ARM chip, so the new device could be running the same one, especially if it's based on a DSM 7.2 as indicated by the VERSION file. On top of that, the VERSION file also references that same CPU with this parameter unique="synology_rtd1619bmango_mango".

Finally, checking the synoinfo.conf file inside the PAT package we find one more evidence of the Synology BeeStation name:

upnpdevicetype="Synology BeeStation"
upnpfriendlyname="Synology BeeStation Device"

The same file has a few more clues starting with the PAT name itself. While the BeeDrive comes in either 1 or 2 TB configuration, in their marketing name they use 1T or 2T lettering. If we follow the same logic, this new BeeStation has 4T in its model name upnpmodelname="BST150-4T", indicating that this might be a 4TB device. Considering that the support_raid_disk_replacement="no" parameter is set to no might mean that this device will be a single bay device, and to back it up the number 1 in the model name could also indicate the same.

DSM 7.2 brought volume encryption support but this device will not support it on its BTRFS file system, but it will support share folder encryption on the other hand.


Bee AdminCenter and BeeStation features

Bee Admin Center the heart of BeeStation

Digging further into the SPK files that are part of the BeeStation PAT, there is more information to uncover. Looking into the Bee Admin SPK, we can learn a few details about the new upcoming platform.

Right off the bat, there is information that points to the usage of both local and remote accounts. The supported remote accounts are Synology Account, Google, and Apple ID. In order to be able to log in, the BeeStation will use local 6600/6601 (HTTP/HTTPS) ports, and to access it from outside our local network we will need to use (not sharing the URL) specifically created public portal for the BeeStations, and that leads us to one more discovery, the BeeStation itself.

BeeStation web portal
Upcoming BeeStation unit

As indicated by the information inside the PAT file itself, this does indeed look like a single-bay device that is not directly attached to a computer, but visiting the portal we can get some more information on the back of the unit as well.

From the images above, we can clearly see it is in fact a NAS device, but it also has USB ports on the back. That information with the fact that it has a HyperBackup package installed, tells us that we will be able to backup this device to an external device. On top of that, it will also support Synology's C2 as a backup destination.

Bee AdminCentral files tell us also that there will be several apps/modules that will be accessible from the user interface.

bee_admincenter	=	"System Settings"
bee_drive	=	"BeeFiles"
bee_photos	=	"BeePhotos"

Main BeeStation apps

BeeFiles and BeePhotos are listed here which correlate to the two packages that are present inside the PAT. Looks like we will have the option to work with files as well as photos using these main apps.

Not much can be derived from the packages as those are not functional without the device but from the images above we can already see the direction this is going.

BeePhotos provides a series of smart and flexible features, allowing both photography lovers and home users to manage photos with ease.

Going back to the Bee Admin Center, we learned that with BeeStation there will be an option, as said before, to backup data both locally and using C2, but it looks like this device might also support multi-user configuration.

There is a whole section of strings that suggests email invites can be used to include new members and even share data among them. Transfer of ownership will also be an option. It is not clear if these users will need to be Synology Account official accounts or any 3rd party accounts, but my guess is the latter.

A large section of strings under the backup_restore section also indicates all possible operations when it comes to backup and restore operations. While there is no point in listing them all, and the main was already said, there are several stings that do suggest end-to-end encryption of backups will be supported. This comes as no surprise, as again, the presence of Hyper Backup already guarantees it. HB supports client-side encryption and this is most likely that.

Finally, the rest of the sections reveal that there will be certain options that NAS users are accustomed to:


These are not all the sections as some were already mentioned, but it is clear that the BeeStation with its BSM OS will have some of the functionalities that the NAS lineup with its DSM OS already has.

UPDATE 08/11/2023:

I was privileged to this information today by a friend of the site, John, that a new domain has been spotted that could point to more upcoming features with BeeStation, specifically with BeePhotos.

A simple site with a BeePhotos logo that has "BeePhotos" text, that's it. While that is nothing special to be excited about, the information in the name of the URL as well as its HTML document is.

This new URL references to Chromecast support for the BeePhotos platform. The means we will be able to access our photos and videos not just by using the BeeStation but also by casting its content onto a Chromecast device.

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="photos.css" type="text/css">
        <title>Synology Photos</title>
        <div id="photo_slider">
            <div id="slider"></div>
        <div id="video_player" class="player hide-item">

        <div id="error_block" class="hide-item">
            <img id="error_image" />
            <p id="error_info"></p>

		<div id="idle_screen" class="standby">
            <img class="standby_logo" src="images/ic_beephotos_cast.png"></img>
			<div class="standby_main">
                <div id="title">
                    <div id="title_synology">Bee</div>
                    <div id="title_photos">Photos</div>
		<!-- Chromecast -->
        <script src="//www.gstatic.com/cast/sdk/libs/caf_receiver/v3/cast_receiver_framework.js"></script>

        <!-- Synology Photos -->
        <script src="photos.js"></script>


HTML code for the BeePhotos/Chromecast web URL/service

As it can be seen there are reference to both photo and video capabilities.

While there are no official images at this moment (other than the one above), this information is enough to get us going. The price or release date is also not known at this present point in time, but with the OS being already ready it could mean that the device is imminent.

Check out this half-hour prediction discussion about this new OS and the BeeStation hosted by Rob Andrews over at NASCompares

Considering that the holidays are close, we might see a new product very soon. Any new information on this product will be covered by BLACKVOID as well as hands-on, when it hits in the future.