After two delays Cyberpunk 2077 is finally here! From the developers that brought the Witcher franchise for us, now comes a futuristic 1st person RPG.

I have been waiting a long time for this game (as we all did right?), and have managed to stay away from all the spoilers, trailers, wirecity videos, and more just so I can be blown away by this game.

Considering that I am a Mac user, gaming on it is not a thing, right? Well as much as could run it via boot camp on Windows (omg!) I have decided to stick with the NVIDIA GeforceNOW cloud service.

This game support GOG, Steam, and Epic editions, and all are available on the GFN cloud service.

Considering that I am also still waiting for my fiber to arrive, I still won't be able to enjoy the full 50Mbit stream quality but so far I have tested the game and it's looking great! RTX is ON!

Decided for a Streetkid path to begin with
No way am I playing very hard :D

I haven't played a single game since World of Warcraft back in 2011 and some Diablo 3/Stacraft 2 here and thereafter that, so getting into a new game is a big deal for me. If this game will be as open and high quality, as they say, I might just stick with it for a long time.

GFN runs Cyberpunk without a single problem, and the quality of the game is insane. I have just played a first 30min or so, but I was blown away by two things. First, the game is so detailed and so immersive it's scary at times, and second GFN service is just brutal.

Wish other popular brands will be back on this platform but at the moment we still have to wait. No matter, that's why Cyberpunk is here for!

Cloud gaming a triple A title, so cool
I could smell that burger, also, the gun on the table was a nice touch
Getting a deal with a shark, not smart but you have to make a living

In all, love the fact that we have finally got this game on GFN, and even more than the service runs so nice. If you are wondering should you get into cloud gaming, my humble opinion is yes. If you don't own a gaming pc, or on top of that are a casual gamer, cloud gaming is the way for you.

Of course, there are alternatives out there, but at the moment, I will stick with GFN and see how it goes.