Well its been almost 6 months since Synology made public its community.synology.com site. What a terrible idea that was. They killed a perfectly good discussion platform just so they can roll out something "fresh" and 0 feature packed.

Since its debut, community site has been a total mistake. If you wanna know why, just visit it and look for yourself. Try and find something, I dare you.

Well, now that I have vented enough, lets present the "real" discussion board for Syno enthusiasts.

synoforum.com (day1)

Running on XenForo platform (https://xenforo.com/) this forum is feature rich and really fast. Mobile ready, clean and fresh. The best part is, its a proper discussion board, not that "thing" that Syno is pushing.

All compliments and thanks go to SynoForum for all his effort, time and resources spend into this project. Thank you man!

Categories and sub forums

Depending how peoples' acceptance will be we hope the forum will become a new home for both old and new users. At the moment, time will tell. Now back to moderating!