UPDATE: 01/09/2021 - burghy has accepted the prize, so this giveaway is officially over! Thank you again all for participating!
UPDATE: 01/09/2021 - The lucky (random) winner has been selected! Congrats to 'burghy' for winning this PlexPass giveaway! An email has been send and you will have 48h to respond, or another winner will be selected. Final confirmation will be posted in case that happens. Tnx all for commenting and visiting! Until the next giveaway!

Streamers rejoice! It is time to turn your Plex setup, pro! If you are unfamiliar, Plex offers a Plex Pass subscription that allows you to boost up your Plex experience even more.

With monthly, annual, and lifetime subscriptions, you can unlock a lot of great features that will make Plex an even better experience.

DISCLAIMER: In full disclosure the prized will be bought with my funds, nobody is paying or sponsoring it. Also, nobody is paying or sponsoring this article or this giveaway in any shape or form but myself. This is a giveaway, not a lottery, so no fee or charge is needed to participate. You will need a valid Paypal account to receive the prize! This is a worldwide giveaway.

Plex giveaway on a NAS-focused site, why?

In March I had my first giveaway and the item was the OWC Mercury Elite enclosure, but for my second one, I wanted to give something that will again be beneficial for all. Considering that a lot of visitors to this site are also interested in running Plex on their NAS devices, or use Plex in a combination with NAS (just as storage for your media), I have decided to go a Plex giveaway.

Another reason is that since March, Blackvoid has jumped from an average of 5k visitors per day to about 15k+ (since last month), and it just felt like I needed to say thank you for all your positive comments, contributions, and general help of putting this site on the map.

What's the prize?!?

As you have read by now, the prize is a Plex Pass subscription, but let me explain a bit about it in detail.

Since last year Plex has terminated the option to gift someone a Plex Pass subscription, now you have to buy it from your valid Plex account yourself.

This will not be a problem as I will explain in the rules section how this will work out.

For now, the prize. This Plex giveaway will be...

An annual Plex Pass subscription!

That's right, the prize is one (1) annual Plex Pass subscription! You might be wondering why just an annual and not lifetime? Well for the 3rd anniversary there might be an even better prize, so check back in 6 months!

So what are the benefits of running your Plex with a Pass subscription? I will let you decide if it's worth it or not. Just visit the Plex Pass page and look into all the benefits yourself.

Plex Pass | Plex

Personally, I love Plex, LOVE IT! I have my local media organized inside it (movies, tv, music), connected to TIDAL streaming service for all the music I can handle, and my live TV setup as well.

This allows me to have all my content on virtually any device, anywhere, anytime. I don't need any other app on my smart TV other than Plex, it's all there. The fact that I can view my live tv on my mobile device as well when I am away from home is just a proper "cut the cord" feeling.

Live TV on any Plex-capable device? Yes, please!

I guess one thing that also is a great benefit of running with Pass is Plexamp. Winamp is like a minimalistic player that you can use on mobile and desktop devices, and cast it to any smart device or speaker that you have around. Just brilliant.

UPDATE: Just in time for this giveaway, Plex has announced its new Super Sonic feature for Plexamp. More details here.
Plexamp, absolutely a must-have player for any Plex user

The list goes on, but you can check it on the link above yourself to see all the other benefits that Pass will bring to the table.

Giveaway rules

To participate in this giveaway here are the rules:

This giveaway will be active from August 11th (today) till August 31th, 2021 (23:59 CEST).

You will need to have a valid and working PayPal account in order to receive money in the value of an annual Plex Pass subscription!
  1. At the bottom of this article, you will find the comment section, register with a valid email account (it will be used to contact you in case you win)
  2. Comment as a registered user and tell me what Plex Pass feature would be most beneficial for you. Note that comments on this article alone will be part of the giveaway!
NOTE: Empty comments, or "+1", "Me PLS!!!" will not be taken into consideration. Please make an effort to comment as step 2 instructed. Also, make sure not to double post.

That's it! You are in!

NOTE: the email addresses that are part of the registration in the comment section will not be used for any other activity other than contacting the winner of this giveaway (and the winner alone). Blackvoid will not sell, exploit or send newsletters, digest emails or perform any similar activities using the registered email addresses.

Announcing the winner

Any comments made after August 31th will not be taken into consideration as part of the giveaway.

The winner will be chosen randomly (comments that meet the criteria of step 2) and contacted on their registered email.

The winner will be contacted from this email address: [email protected] on the 1st of September 2021.

The winner will have 48h to respond and send her/his Paypal information needed for the successful delivery of this prize.

If the initial winner will not respond within 48h, another winner will be chosen and given another 48h to respond.

If there will be no response in the second wave by September 5th (00:00 CEST), the giveaway will be void.

The official, public announcement of the giveaway winner will be on September 5th as an update in this current article.

I wish you all good luck and hope you will be interested in this humble prize. Thank you in advance for participating and visiting blackvoid.club!