UPDATE 19.01.2022 - Added 16GB of RAM to my second RS unit. Got it from ComputeRAM

After my first attempt at upgrading the memory in my RS3614RPxs unit has failed, this time I got my hands on a certified memory that officially works with this model.

After 24h there are no problems at all. I got the RAM via Amazon.de from Speicherbauer24. I'm strongly recommending this seller. Delivery via DHL within 24h, packed as advertised and above all, it works.

2x8GB ECC ram for RS3614RPxs

The exact model that I got was this. As it is visible from the description, this model works with multiple generations of RS units from 2013 all the way to 2017. But, as always, make sure that you get the compatible one for your exact model.

Upgraded RAM from 4 to 16GB
A lot of breathing space

Glad I got this going considering that now I can start to offload Docker containers from my 918 to this 3614 NAS.

The next step is to upgrade 718 with fresh two WD blue 500GB SSDs that are waiting, but more on that in the near future.

Updated my second RS3614 unit with some more RAM (16GB) to allow me to better utilize it as offload from the primary one. Got the modules from CompuRAM store (Germany) for about 114€ (with shipping).

2x8GB of DDR3 ECC Synology compatible RAM

There were no problems with booting, and I will test it before putting any production content on top of it.

This is the exact module that I got running: https://www.compuram.de/arbeitsspeicher/synology/nas/rackstation/serie/rs3614xs-rs3614xs-rs3614rpxs-rs3617xs-rs10613xs-rs3413xs/16gb-ramec1600ddr3-8gbx2-x6acf.htm