Well well, would you look at that! synoforum.com is one year old! Woohoo! For all of you who are unfamiliar with this site, Synoforum was created and started 1 year ago after it was obvious that community.synology.com is going to stay in its current form factor.

Considering there are already a few articles here on that subject I will not repeat myself again. What matters is that in the past year, the forum has grown close to 800 members with over 10k messages and a nice collection of topics and resources that remained open to the public and ad free since the beginning.

Recently the forum has got a few more moderators on board and has started to look in the direction of cooperation with other tech related forums that more or less are fully or indirectly focused towards Synology services and products.

Best of luck to synoforum in the future and if you haven’t visited the site still, what are you waiting for (there are also free cookies here and there, so that’s great right)?!