UPDATE: 29/06/2021 - added YT video for C2 Identity (renamed from C2 Directory)
Synology's new C2 service, Identity

Offering a FREE plan with:

  • Up to 250 user accounts
  • SSO support (for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365)
  • 1 Local LDAP server support
  • Up to 10 client devices

Along with Synology Directory Server and LDAP server, Synology is bringing C2 Directory*, a hybrid model directory service that lives on premise and in the cloud.

First presented on the 2021 event on the 7th of Dec 2020.

C2 direcotry is 4x faster at authenticating then a pure cloud based service
Partial user and group syncing with C2 directory

C2 Direcotry will also feature integration with Microsoft 365 or GSuite.

Device Managment via C2 Directory for both Mac and Windows machines

Example of granular device managment

*C2 Directory will be coming later in 2021