UPDATE: 24/08/2022 - Today Synology announced that Active Insight has become part of the Synology Partner Program.

After your customers accept your invitation, you (Partner) can do the following:

  • Manage the subscriptions and billing of their C2 services.
  • Manage their Active Insight portal and assign licenses to their monitored hosts for them.

UPDATE: 12/07/2022 - in August, Active Insight will be offered as part of the Synology Partner Program. More details are below.

We plan to integrate the Active Insight service into the Synology Partner Program in about one month. After the update, you can invite customers to manage their C2 services and Active Insight on the Partner Portal.
For consistent managed service experiences, upon the update of the Program, in case of conflicts between the original Active Insight delegations and the Partner Portal management, the Partner Portal will prevail. Below are some changes that may also take place:
  • If your Active Insight is delegated to another Synology Account, this delegation will be terminated.
  • For your current customers invited from the Partner Portal, you will manage their Active Insight via the Partner Portal. If their Active Insight is delegated to another delegate or is managed by themselves, the changes will still apply.
Kindly note that, if you have invited customers to delegate their Active Insight to you via the Active Insight portal but have never invited them through the Partner Portal, we recommend you to invite them again through the Partner Portal.

In May 2022, Synology rolled out new changes coming to their C2 Partner Program.

In case you are not on top of the Partner Program, it is an option for you as a partner to subscribe and maintain your customer's C2 services.

The new changes coming to the partner program include the following:

  • Offer for subscribing to all C2 services in every data center for your customers
  • Full management for providing better customer services via C2 services portals
  • New rebate program

Monthly: get 3% rebate per month if the amount reaches 100 USD / 100 EUR / 3,000 TWD.

Quarterly: get 6% rebate if the accumulated amount per quarter reaches 3,000 USD / 3,000 EUR / 90,000 TWD; get 9% rebate if the accumulated amount per quarter reaches 6,000 USD / 6,000 EUR / 180,000 TWD.

As before, all operations are done using the C2 Partner Portal.