Next week, Synology will attend the Computex expo in Taipei to present their new upcoming products and services.

We can expect business-oriented and large-scale products as well as some new C2-driven cloud services.

NEW Synology Data Protection models and ActiveProtect Manager
Brand new prepopulated devices from Synology are coming! Powered by ActiveProtect Manager, these models will offer a turn-key backup solution for a one-time cost

More details on the new upcoming ActiveProtect Manager and DP series of products

Synology will open up with new upcoming rack-based product line that is focused on data protection in the form of an appliance-driven with a custom platform called ActiveProtect Manager.

ActiveProtect Manager offers a familiar ActiveBackup look and feel

The new appliances (1U and 2U) will be controlled from a single ActiveProtect Manager interface, offering the best of Active Backup apps that are already familiar to DSM users. On top of this the platform with feature new W.O.R.M. technology familiar with DSM 7.2 to help the growing issue of ransomware and bring immutable protection across any user data.

On top of these new products, Synology will be presenting its previously announced ultra-scalable GS lineup, which will allow for up to a massive 96-node configuration offering over 20PB of storage per cluster.

Compatible with almost all known platforms today, the GS lineup will be a backbone of any mid to large enterprise for virtually any need.

Along this, the GS line will offer also a scale out of Synologys collaboration suite. So Drive, spreadsheets, documents, and presentations will benefit from this new growing lineup.

Speaking of collaboration tools, Synology will be rolling out their already announced support for AI in the aforementioned office tools for a more modern and faster work process.

Finally, Synology will also present its new upcoming C2 service focusing on its surveillance products, both software and hardware. The upcoming C2 Surveillance platform will offer an all-in-one user experience that will allow connection and management of local C2-compatible cameras without the need to use or own a Surveillance Station capable NAS or NVR device.

We can expect that their existing BC500/TC500/ CC400W cameras and possibly some new upcoming models (CS500B/CS500T/FC600/BC800Z) will be compatible with this new platform. The idea behind this is similar to C2 Backup, a service that allows for endpoint backup of any device directly to the C2 cloud.

With AI-powered cameras and the features behind the new C2 Surveillance platform, we can expect a lot of possibilities already known and used by the DVA lineup of on-prem devices, such as DVA3221 or DVA1622.

All in all, the expo starts on June 4th, and more info will be know then. Keep up with the upcoming dedicated articles on the products and services presented at the expo.