Same as in 2021, Synology will be giving four workshop web sessions to present their new software and hardware features coming this year.

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At this year’s 2022 Workshop, all attendees will receive a free 6-month Synology C2 subscription with unlimited storage space. Those who complete a short survey will be entered into a raffle of various Synology products.

Starting on April 6th, all the way to April 20th, these sessions are identical in content covering the following:

User Strategies I

Examine real-world success stories and get a guide to backing up SaaS data, deploying an NVR solution, and syncing data to public clouds. Learn how to take advantage of remote access and management tools. Live Q&A included.

User Strategies II

Look into another actual deployment of Synology NAS as a centralized data storage, backup, and recovery solution. Walkthrough the process of setting up a virtual storage environment, and backing up VMs, SaaS, and endpoints for quick recovery. Live Q&A included.

Hybrid Cloud - Bridging the Gap with Synology NAS and C2

Explore the benefits of using a Synology NAS on-premises in conjunction with Synology C2 for enhanced functionality, stronger data protection, and maximized investments on your deployment. Learn about tools within DSM that leverage the power and flexibility of C2, and walk through software demos of these hybrid solutions. Live Q&A included.


Hear deployment strategies from one of our authorized partners. See how they help dozens of businesses in New York maximize uptime and lower overall costs. Discuss ways to connect with partners and the Synology team. Get next steps to receive personalized guidance from Synology on your next project. Live Q&A included.

By the looks of it, we are gonna get info on the new Surveillance Station 9, new NVR device, more info and demo on the new C2 services including Hybrid Share, and some real-life examples from companies running Synology solutions.