Ten years ago the very 1st iPad hit the market. Since then each year it has been the best tablet and mobile device in its class. That has not changed but the evolution of iPad and iPadOS continues to push the limits of possibility as we could see it on today's event.

Even though the iPad was the main topic of this event, Apple Watch with its new Series 6 model has also a lot to show off. Accompanied by the new Watch SE, Family sharing, and Apple Fitness+ services, the watch lineup is stronger than ever.

Here are some highlights:

Apple Watch Series 6 and SE

Watch series 6
Lots of new designs, faces and colors to choose from
Brand new Watch SE
Series 6 is packed with loads of brand new features and updates to every other single part as well

Apple Fitness+ - new companion service for the Watch lineup

If you are looking to stay in shape, now you will have no excuse but to stay in share with the new Fitness+ service. Targeted at Watch users, Fitness+ allows you to keep up with your training anywhere, anytime on any device.

With new content coming in each week, you will always be able to find a workout that fits your needs. From beginner to a pro, Fitness+ has you covered.

Fitness+ get it on any screen, any time
Your whole family can enjoy Fitness+ service for a fraction of a price. New content every week

Apple One - all of Apple services under a new name

Alongside Fitness+ Apple has announced a new service that will be coming later this year, called Apple One.

It combines their top services from all platforms and devices under a single roof. Music, TV, games, and cloud services, as well as news and the new Fitness+, can be yours depending on your needs. Coming into three plans there is something for everyone.

Apple One - up to 2TB of iCloud storage with all other services for $30/m, not bad

iPad lineup refreshed - 8th generation iPad is here as well as the new iPad Air

As I said at the beginning, the iPad has been on the market for 10y now. The 2020 lineup will be remembered for sure with the new technology in the brand new iPad Air. With a new A14 chip developed at an industry first, 5nm process, Apple has brought a power monster tech into our hands.

16 cores, 5nm process, 11.8B transistors and 11 trillion operations per second, wow
Some of the features that A14 bring to the table
Where to start right? It just has everything!
USB-C connector for cameras, 4K displays and more
Fair price, no question about it

Some quick specks on the new iPad 8th gen:

iPad 8th gen specs
I would still want the Air version, but if iPad is enough for you, here it is
Apple continues to take care of Mother Nature

What about the software?

Yes, tomorrow, Sept 16th we will be getting new iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and tvOS versions with developers already getting their hands on GM versions today.

So iOS and iPadOS 14 with watchOS 7, and the new tvOS will be coming out. You can bet I will patch day one.

One of the shortest Apple events but again, a lot of new products and information for a 1h show. Thinking about that watch 6 but I guess I'll have to wait in for the reviews and see hows the battery life on it in real life testings.