Well, we all saw this coming right? No? You must be new to the world of NAS and Synology. Don't worry this is normal.

On March 19th, 2021., Synology made an official announcement that they will discontinue their Cloud Station suite set of tools in favor of their already very popular Drive Server suite that, with the upcoming DSM 7 version, will enter its 3rd version.

As you have read in the previous link, the release notes on the upcoming Drive 3.0 states that it will not be compatible with any version of Cloud Station apps, so this announcement shouldn't come as a shock, especially if you are a beta user.

Still, if this news got you on the wrong foot, fear not, you got until April 30, 2021, to make the switch, because that is the official date when Cloud Station suite will stop being part of the DSM lineup of official apps.

Apps that are affected by this are:

Cloud Station Server
Cloud Station ShareSync
Cloud Station Backup
Cloud Station Drive (client)

NOTE: Keep in mind that these changes will ONLY reflect DSM users, not SRM or mobile apps as such! So if you are using this suite on your router, you can ignore this announcement.

Here is the full announcement:

End-of-Life Announcement for Synology Cloud Station Series of Packages

Published: March 18, 2021

Synology will be discontinuing support for Synology Cloud Station Server, Cloud Station ShareSync, Cloud Station Drive, and Cloud Station Backup running on the DSM platform on April 30, 2021. All of these packages will no longer be available for download through the Synology Package Center.

For users on the 1.2.x SRM platform (RT1900ac, RT2600ac, MR2200ac), Cloud Station Server, Cloud Station Drive, Cloud Station Backup and Cloud Station ShareSync will remain available and will continue to receive security updates.

The Cloud Station companion mobile app, DS cloud, will also remain available and will continue to receive security updates.

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