UPDATE: 07/012/2020 - added information about the event

Looks like Synology will also end 2020 with a bang just as they did in 2019 with a public preview of DSM7! They have just announced that on December 7th, 2020, there will be an official Synology 2021 event!


What to expect?

Well, we can be sure that DSM7 progress will be the main topic of this event as well as new products that will come out during 2021.

The public beta of DSM7 is expected to be out on the 3rd (but that is still unconfirmed), so even if it's not out it will come out soon for sure to be in line with this upcoming event.

Official press release:

Taipei, Taiwan—November 30, 2020— The countdown has begun for our annual event, where Synology announces the latest development on our data management solutions and more. Last year, the conference gathered thousands of users worldwide to join in and learn about the latest solutions from Synology. Due to the current global situation, the event has transformed into an online session, where more people can simultaneously tune in.

2021 AND BEYOND focuses on our major innovations that will be introduced in 2021, featuring the largest ever update to Synology data management products, DSM 7.0. In addition to new features and management tools in DSM, our speakers will also introduce our take on a hybrid-cloud infrastructure and how data backup is evolving.

The session is scheduled to be released on December 7th, 2020. Interested viewers can sign up for a reminder on the event portal or follow our social media accounts to receive the latest information when they get released.

More info on the event in this article (and potentially in some new ones) depending on what products and news will be announced.

07.12.2020 event informations

All the event elements are on YT:

Synology 2021 AND BEYOND | Synology
Next-gen products and solutions. See how we plan to change the landscape for data management. Watch Synology 2021 sessions - System Management with DSM 7.0 -...
Main Syno 2021 video

Synology 2021 sessions

System Management with DSM 7.0

Synology 2021 | System Management with DSM 7.0 | Synology
Explore new features and improvements that make DSM 7.0 more intuitive and faster, enabling system administrators to do more easier. Watch Synology 2021 sess...

Hybrid Cloud

Synology 2021 | Hybrid Cloud | Synology
The next evolution of on-prem is combining it with the power and flexibility of the cloud. See how we are supercharging our solutions for the future. Watch S...

Data Backup

Synology 2021 | Data Backup | Synology
See how our data backup solutions can protect and keep both data and services protected. Plus, a sneak peak at what’s coming to the portfolio in 2021. Watch ...

Photo Management

Synology 2021 | Photo Management | Synology
Introducing our latest photo management solution for both pros and hobbyists, Synology Photos. Watch Synology 2021 sessions - System Management with DSM 7.0 ...

Key DSM7 focus points

Key DSM7 focus points

Secure SignIn feature - more details on it here.

SSI support some nice features!

Drive Replacement - less stress more gain

Rotate out old drive with a new one without the need to degarde the array. Nice one.

NOTE: you will need and extra bay to do Drive Replacement

Automatic repair feature will come with DSM7 making an automatic repair kick in as soon as you replace the drive without the need to engage Storage Manager repair function

Rebuilding the array will only effect the used space not the entire volume

Rebuilding array in DSM7 will take far less time if its not used 100%
DSM7 will focus on making their services faster and more reliable

Faster HA failover, up to 30%

DSM 7 updates are less disruptive

Passive DSM7 unit will update 1st then after a switchover, Active unit will update after becoming a passive unit

RAID6 80% higher performance, and also 70% better performance when RAID6 is degraded.

With DSM7 you can enable SSD cache without disrupting current services.

DSM7 will include Fiber Channel supprot

Data Deduplication for the entire NAS not just Hyper Backup or Active Backup solutions.

Exciting December ahead and hopefully a great 2021!