UPDATE: 07/12/2020 - Public beta will come out Dec 8th 2020

DSM7 Public beta link is here: https://prerelease.synology.com/en-global/download/dsm70_beta

Also if you just want to check out DSM 7 without installing it at all, be sure to check the DSM 7 demo page here: https://demo.synology.com/en-global/dsm#dsm70beta

UPDATE: 03/12/2020 (22:30 CEST) - Looks like we will not be getting the beta today. Considering that the official 2021 event has been set for the 7th of this month, it might be that we will then get our hands on it. In any case, it is coming soon!

For the past few months, Synology has been really quiet when it comes to DSM7, its features, and apps as well as the release of a new version of "preview" or even a public beta.

Well, looks like things are right around the corner. If my source is to be believed (it was spot on in the past), we might get public beta on December 3rd!

Will this be the same versions or a patched one, we will have to wait and see, but looks like things are moving. If we do get the beta around Dec 3rd or close to it, it will be 3 months since the preview was released.

This is in line with Synologys method and pace of getting their betas out so it will be interesting to see if this will prove to be correct. Considering how stable the preview was working I expect the beta to be even more polished, especially with their apps and services.

Let's hope the beta comes and we can all enjoy this lockdown a bit better. I will update this article with news regarding the beta and publish separate articles out regarding new features and changes.