As off today, Friday the 25th up until Sunday the 28th at 23:59 (UTC+8), Synology is having a flash giveaway!

All that will redeem this prize will get 1y of C2 Password Plus subscription as well as 500GB of C2 Backup for 6 months!

Read up on both of these C2 services in the following articles to find out more about them.

Synology C2 Password - one place for all your secrets
Synology’s NEW C2 service, Password, is here! What is it and how well done it compare to some other free solutions out there?
Synology C2 Backup - cloud backup service
Synology C2 Backup has officially rolled out. Here is a review of the new Synology commercial cloud backup service for all your Windows (only Win atm) devices. No need for a Synology NAS at all.

How to get this giveaway prize?

1 - visit the C2 service redeem site

2 - sign in / create a Synology Account

3 - Enter the redeem code under your region:
Americas: CYBERMONDAY2022

NOTE: depending on the C2 data center that you use or will use, make sure to select the correct code!

Once you redeem the prize you will get the following confirmation screen.

Offer ends 2022/11/28 23:59 PM (UTC+8)