Finally I have got some time to play around with my rack closet and Synology RS twins.

Managed to put in an additional shelf for DS718 and DS918 to be placed there in the future, as well as a NETGEAR GS724T switch.

Fresh assembly (shelf for DS units, switch and 2xRS3614xs with expansions)

Bellow them (with some space) I have placed two RS3614XS with their expansion units. At the moment, just RS models will be populated with drives (3 and 4TB ones), while the DS units will all be SSD populated (WD blue 500GB in each bay).

RS3614xs each with RX units (both RS have double 10GBit cards ready as well)

Waiting for my UPS and LAN cables to complete the set and fire it all up. For now I have configured LAG on the switch for all 4 NAS units.

I needed to adjust the cage a bit to accommodate the shelf but apart from that, all is well and fits perfect.

All that is left is to fill in additional RAM (Hynix ECC) in the RS model to max out to their 32GB limit each. They will mainly be Docker farms and storage as well as hosts for VMs.

Really happy with the current setup and can’t wait to test it all out.