UPDATE: 30/09/2022 - With 63 total entries in this giveaway we now have our random winner! Congratulation to Nabil! The random winning comment is as follows:

Fingers crossed 🤞 this unit can be a huge relief for my backup and disaster recovery solution or the ability to have 2 Synology NAS to sync data to a passive server ... many options ..!! let's keep the fingers like that, crossed. Thank you, Luka, for this chance to win this nice machine but mainly I can't argue more than the site is gold mining .. let's all keep it running.. Thanks again.

Summer is finally over (yes not a fan), and it's that time of year again, "Back to School"! In that spirit, Blackvoid will be doing another giveaway!

Back to Synology 2022 Giveaway is the third one this year after the 3rd-anniversary one back in March, as well as the June summer one.

So why this giveaway? Well, a while back (Nov 2021) I started official cooperation with Synology GmbH which is going really well so far, and I do hope that it will continue. Because of that, I was able (and will do so in the future) to deliver some content that would otherwise be impossible, as well as have a chance for an occasional giveaway such as this one.

DISCLAIMER: In full disclosure, this is a giveaway, not a lottery, so no fee or charge is needed to participate. This is a worldwide giveaway.

So what model will be the center of this "academic" giveaway? After DS720+ in March, and a DS120J in June, this time around you will have a chance to win a brand new DS220+.

"Back to Synology" giveaway prize!

This model is a very capable and versatile NAS that can perform and run any Synology package including the Docker platform as well. While not maybe being the most powerful device in the lineup, this 2-bay NAS is more than capable of holding on its own.

It can also serve as a secondary backup unit to an already existing one, or simply as a storage device for any type of data.

Running with a dual-core Celeron J4000 series CPU and 2GB of RAM (upgradable to a total of 6), as well as a dual 1G network interface, this little guy can even be used as a super low-power PLEX server for all your media needs.

Giveaway rules

To participate in this giveaway here are the rules:

This giveaway will be active from today  September 7th till September 30th.

  1. At the bottom of this article, you will find the comment section, subscribe with a valid email account, and log in (it will be used to contact you).
  2. Comment as a registered member and tell me how you see this device being beneficial for you (maybe even in the spirit of back to school). Note that comments on this article alone will be part of the giveaway!
NOTE: Empty comments, or "+1", or "Me PLS!!!" will not be taken into consideration. Please make an effort to comment as step 2 instructed. Also, make sure not to double post. Once you are ready to post, click ONCE and wait for the comment to appear. Sometimes it can take 1sec longer for your comment to become visible.

3. That's it! You are in!

NOTE: the email addresses that are part of the registration in the comment section will not be used for any other activity other than contacting the winner of this giveaway (and the winner alone). Blackvoid will not sell, exploit or send newsletters, digest emails or perform any similar activities using the registered email addresses.

IMPORTANT: Any HW or SW issues with the device will need to be managed by Synology and its support channels. Of course, you can always use community methods of solving any problems, but the warranty is still with Synology.

Announcing the winner

Any comments made after Sep 30th 2022, will not be taken into consideration as part of the giveaway.

The winner will be chosen randomly (comments that meet the criteria of step 2) and contacted on their registered email.

The winner will be contacted from this email address: [email protected] on the last day, again, Sep 30th.

The winner will have 48h to respond and send her/his contact information needed for the successful delivery of this prize.

If the initial winner will not respond within 48h, another winner will be chosen and given another 48h to respond.

If there will be no response in the second wave by Oct 5th, the giveaway will be void.

The official, public announcement of the giveaway winner will be announced as an update in this current article at the top.

I wish you all good luck and hope you will be interested in this small but capable prize. Thank you in advance for participating and for your visit!