UPDATE 08/09/2020 (11:00 CEST) - DSM 7 is LIVE! More here.
UPDATE 08/09/2020 (08:00 CEST) - Still nothing in the past 24h. It is already 14:00 in Taiwan. Maybe they got cold feet? Will post back if and when there will be any change on the matter
UPDATE 07/09/2020 (09:50 CEST)- I have just got a confirmation that DSM 7 preview is officially a GO for tomorrow. Details will follow!
UPDATE 01/09/2020 - Just got word that DSM7 preview version release got pushed. Don't worry not by much, one week. So at the moment, Sep 8th is the day that we migh actually get DSM7 preview! Let's see.
DSM7 preview version might be coming out in one week!

The last time I wrote about DSM 7 was back in May, regarding some upcoming feature in the Synology NAS OS version. Then again a short July update in this article about some inside information that we might get the preview version in September 2020. Well, looks like this is still on track, considering that today I got some info that internal preview tests just started!

Looks like it is happening!

Yes, it is true. Quality control has finally approved the tests to start and with some luck and no major problems, 6500 people might soon get a chance to test drive DSM 7 preview.

In case you are not familiar with the situation (and didn't read the linked articles), Synology has decided that before hitting their users with an open public beta testing, they will start with a smaller focused group of users that will have their hands on a "preview" version of the new upcoming DSM 7.

So what does this mean? Well, in short, there will be no final version this year, and also, after the preview period has been complete, there will be a few public beta versions before the final version is out.

Now before, beta periods were about 2-3 months long and there were about 2-3 beta versions in all. So, we might not see DSM 7 before the summer of 2021. Of course, this can totally be wrong considering how Synology tests its software nowadays and with COVID still going around who knows what the end result will be, or better, when.

All in all, good news for sure that the information from May is still in effect. Potential public preview in September. Considering we are less then 15 days away from September, it is still a question of how long the internal tests will last and if there will be any major showstoppers this time around.

Fingers crossed and let's see what September will bring.

Are you excited for the upcoming preview version? Are you even on the list? Nobody knows, and we will all find out soon enough!