UPDATE 13/07/2020 - In the past 5 months, nothing has changed on the DSM7 front regarding the preview release date. I have from a reliable source that in May of 2020, the release date for the preview version is September 1st. Let's see if this will be true or the date will be pushed some more. So far, DSM7 release has been pushed 2y and 8m and counting.

You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and you get a Synology Newsletter about DSM 7 preview and you get all excited?

Well, today was that day, but the news was not exciting at all. Even though I have had an info that the Preview was pushed and will not happen in February, I didn't think it would be delayed that much.

Q3 2020, ladies and gentleman. Q3 is when we can expect DSM 7 preview. So not beta, not final, but preview. What does that mean? Well it means that about 6,500 people will get their hands on a DSM7 version in autumn (if it doesn't get pushed again) to test the waters. That means that depending on the feedback we will maybe see 1st beta in 2021 and definitely final release won't happen before Q2 of 2021 in my opinion.

This is the official newsletter that was send today.

Newsletter about the delay of DSM7 preview

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all for a solid and stable release. Better that it works as it should, then to have Synology patch up every month for a year until we get 7.1 as a 1st stable and working version.

As we can see from the letter, there is much to be done and a lot has been done, but considering this is the first time that Synology has prolonged the release that much made the public and Synology users a bit anxious.

I know I would love to get the preview to run it in a VM setup if nothing else and I think that would be enough to calm the cravings for a while, but such is life.

One more thing that crossed my mind is that one more reason that this is delayed is the situation with the Corona virus. I really hope its not, but it could be if nothing else, a related issue.

Thoughts on this delay and your expectations?