Winter is coming (and its not GoT related) and with it, SW content is coming on all fronts!

With the new SW9 movie coming to cinema tomorrow, its great time to catch up on the story so far ;).

If you are unaware but this month we got 1st ever SW (non animated) tv show called The Mandalorian. If you haven't seen it, stop reading and catch up on it. For us that don't have access to the new Disney+ streaming service we will have to make it work some other way.

Personally my Plex is full of SW content that I love to watch all the time.

The Mandalorian - new SW tv show on Disney+
My other SW content in my private Plex collection

A few weeks ago I got my TV upgraded to a new Samsung 65" so all this gloroius content just got a whole new dimension.

The Mandalorian in 4K!

To wrap it all up, for my birthday I also got some great gifts for my SW mancave. An awseome TIE fighter desktop LED lamp and a puzzle of my favorite dorids. What could a SW fan want more?

The only thing that could top this is an announcement that we might get more (3) SW tv shows in the near future... o wait, they just did that yesterday!