At this year's Computex expo, Synology has presented more than a few products, including the new upcoming Data Protect devices with a brand new ActiveProtect Manager, as well as the new GridStation lineup.

NEW Synology Data Protection models and ActiveProtect Manager
Brand new prepopulated devices from Synology are coming! Powered by ActiveProtect Manager, these models will offer a turn-key backup solution for a one-time cost
Synology Solution Exhibition 2024
Synology Solution Exhibition 2024 in Taipei at Computex expo. The upcoming ActiveProtect Manager, new data protection, and GridStation lineups as well as new C2 Surveillance Station.

On top of that, the new upcoming C2 Surveillance Station and the new C2-only cameras were also discussed. Because of the new Surveillance Station platform soon to be officially rolled out, Synology also decided to rebrand the already existing surveillance footage backup platform.

Synology C2 Surveillance
NEW Synology C2 service is here! C2 Surveillance is here to secure your local footage with the help of the cloud.

C2 Surveillance becomes C2 Backup for Surveillance

The commercial functionality of Synology Surveillance Station DSM package offers the option to backup footage to their C2 cloud platform. Considering that there will now be both Synology Surveillance Station (platform running on the NAS and DVA devices) and C2 Surveillance Station, the backup surveillance platform got a new name, C2 Backup for Surveillance.

Like C2 Backup, a platform used to back up endpoint devices to the cloud, C2 Backup for Surveillance will continue to serve as a backup for our NAS/DVA surveillance footage if we choose to do so.

Example of C2 Backup for Surveillance being configured with a local NAS or DVA unit
Pricing and plans for the new C2 Backup for Surveillance platform

While prices for the basic plan have not changed, the advanced plan jumped by about 16% for the same resolution and number of retention days. A new plan was also introduced and that would be the professional one. It offers 24/7 continuous recordings as well as up to 180 days of retention if needed.

Along with the three subscription plans, there are multiple combinations within each depending on the resolution and number of retention days. For more exact details and values be sure to check the pricing on the official page.

The web interface and integration remain as it was while the platform was running under the old name, so no major changes have happened on that front.

The web UI for C2 Backup for Surveillance

Today Synology also released an official YT video as a quick introduction.

C2 Backup for Surveillance introduction video