Summertime is usually a downtime period for many businesses, the same with Synology. That doesn't mean that they are not working on new products, services, and platforms.

Following their Computex expo in Taiwan last month, the company has announced many new products for the upcoming period (some will be released probably in 2025), and with them some new platforms.

Synology Solution Exhibition 2024
Synology Solution Exhibition 2024 in Taipei at Computex expo. The upcoming ActiveProtect Manager, new data protection, and GridStation lineups as well as new C2 Surveillance Station.
Synology C2 Backup for Surveillance
Synology C2 Surveillance becomes C2 Backup for Surveillance. An easy and secure way to backup surveillance footage to the cloud.

While they have rebranded their C2 Surveillance platform to C2 Backup for Surveillance the functionality remains the same. Offering NAS/DVA capable Surveillance Station models to backup recordings to the C2 cloud, it is more than obvious that Synology is ready to publish yet another C2 platform.

C2 Surveillance Station is the new upcoming direct-to-cloud VSaaS solution, offering cloud-managed surveillance with new dedicated lineup of C2 compatible cameras

Upcoming C2 Camera lineup

The upcoming C2 Surveillance Station will be a new C2 module that Synology will offer commercially. At what time and price, remains to be seen, but there are several information that are available at the moment.

C2 Surveillance Station features

A new C2-powered Surveillance Station and a companion lineup of C2
cameras enables secure direct-to-cloud video surveillance. C2 cameras
deploy in mere minutes, making it fast and simple to monitor challenging
environments that prevent the installation of local recording servers.

This new platform will offer certain advantages over classic on-prem surveillance solutions including Surveillance Station, by offering easier deployment, lower maintenance, and better scalability.

Of course, this is not for everyone, but in case there is no local IT or technical staff that can maintain a surveillance platform, a turnkey option such as this will be more than welcome.

C2 Surveillance Station will come with its own mobile C2 Surveillance app, that will allow for both configuration and usage of the platform.

Concept of the upcoming C2 Surveillance Station platform

As mentioned before the platform will be powered by a new direct-to-cloud camera portfolio. Fully compatible and already familiar models have gotten new names, so the new CS500B, CS500T, and CS400CW will be the first C2 Surveillance compatible cameras.

Concept of the upcoming C2 Surveillance Station web platform

The end-to-end encrypted VSaaS platform will be license-based, and suitable for various deployments and scales.

Offering such a solution is an expected and reasonable move by Synology, but it will not be for everyone. While it will be a great solution for those who do not want or cannot support an on-prem surveillance platform, others who require keeping the video footage outside of any public cloud solutions will probably not find it viable.

Also, on top of that, a stable and decent internet connection will be needed at all times, but in case of failure, an SD card-supported camera will take care of that.

When the service is offered we will for sure test it out and see just how well it works, and find out if this is the turnkey solution you were waiting for.