Following the recent release of the new x23+ models, the DS723+ as well as its 4-bay version, the DS923+, now we got the successor of the 2021 8-bay. Here is the DS1823xs+.

DS1823xs+ - the new 8-bay powerhouse

Targeted at small and medium-sized businesses, this NAS has it all. With up to 144TB of raw storage potential without expansions and a built-in 10G card with an option for expansion, there is little this monster can't do.

The insides of this 6.2 kg machine are powered by AMD Ryzen V1780B quad-core CPU at 3.35Ghz and 8GB of DDR4 EEC memory (up to 32GB). It has two M.2 (NVMe) slots for both cache and usable volume storage as options (with Synology SVN3400 drives), and main bays can house both 3.5" and 2.5" HDDs or SSDs.

On the back of the unit, there is a number of ports. Including a 1GbE management port, two 1GbE network ports, a single 10G port, three USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports, and two eSATA ports. eSATA ports can be used in combination with DX517 expansion units for a total of 18 usable drives.

DS1823xs+ back side

The last thing that this NAS has is a single Gen3 x8 slot (x4 link) PCIe slot compatible with a variety of expansion cards. From NVMe to 25GbE network if the built-in options are not enough.

The DS1823xs+ is cooled with a pair of 120 mm vents considering its size, number of drives, and an internal 250W PSU.

The noise level as stated in the specifications is at about 23.6 dB with a power consumption of 88W while accessing the NAS and about 28W in hibernation.

This device is covered by a 5y warranty with a price of about €830 (plus tax).

Due to its powerful capabilities, the DS1823xs+ can allow from 2000 all the way up to 8000 concurrent network users and that is an impressive number for such a compact device.

One thing to note with this model is the lack of support for the SHR RAID type. Supported types are Synology RAID F1, Basic, JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, and RAID 10, so if you are planning on migrating from a device running with SHR, keep in mind that this model does not support it.

Finally, disk compatibility. At the moment, the official drive list shows only Synology-branded drives, both HDDs and SSDs.

As of Feb 24th, 2023, the DS1823xs+ is compatible only with Synology-branded disks
M.2 NVMe slot compatibility

While this is not strange considering this model is from the XS+ lineup, don't be fooled by its DS (desktop) size when it comes to compatibility. Always be sure to check the list before buying the drives for any model, let alone from a higher end of the lineup!

More details on this new 8-bay addition are on its official page or in the official datasheet.