The time has finally come! I have managed to get a used 42U rack in excellent shape and have it delivered to my new place.

Why 42? Because it was close to nothing compare to a 27U one for example. Considering it fits, I said, why not. No intention at the moment to make full use of it, but, you newer know.

Its been already over 6mon since I got double RS3614 with expansions but I hade no place to put them. The move to the new house was mostly on schedule but the basement was constantly full of stuff. Well now, thats no longer the case. Yesterday I got my 42U rack placed in the basement and soon I will start to populate it.

RS units are on site as well, and a brand new NETGEAR GS724T-400EUS ProSAFE 24 Port Gigabit Smart switch will arrive in a week or so.

NETGEAR GS724T-400EUS ProSAFE 24 Port Gigabit Smart Switch

Still need a few more things to get started but I'm in no rush at the moment. Will post some more in the future on this little project.