Feb 21st 2020. Season 07 of Star Wars The Clone Wars is here, and boy its really something!

Won’t spoil it for anyone just yet but if you are thinking should I check it out now or some other time? The answer is, RIGHT NOW!

That is if you can of course. Streaming on Disney+ will mean that not the whole world can watch it. If you have any way of getting your hands on this season try and do it asap.

Will post just a few images from the first episode but what matters most is that it comes in 4K as well! Glorious!! I do hope that it will be at least 20 episodes long but I guess we will have to wait and see.

Now streaming on Disney+ in 4K!
As always, a powerful thought
Captain Rex and Commander Cody leading the war for the Republic
This is the muscle of Clone Force 99, meet Wrecker
Clone force 99 aka The Bad Batch
Who to send then the best Separatist naval commander, Admiral Trench
This guy needs no introduction right?

Action packed from start to finish with all of SW familiar clone era faces, this will be a hell of a treat and conclusion for any SW fan.

Have you seen the season premiere?