UPDATE 09/12/2020 - info regarding 3rd party app supports published by Synology


UPDATE: 08/12/2020 - new DSM 7 - 41222 beta is live! More info here!

In my general DSM7 article you can feel how excited I was about the new version of DSM. Still, going with the new version of any OS on your production device is no small feat. Is jump to DSM7 justified? Is this something that you should do? Can you go back? Let's see.

Upgrade process

First question. Do you have a valid backup of your data? No? Shame on you! Do it and then come back. Yes? Nice one, you can proceed.

Like with any version of DSM upgrade to DSM7, at the moment, will require you to download the specific version for your NAS and install it manually using the Control Panel > Update and Restore section.

There you will see a Manual DSM update button. Use it to initiate an upload of your DSM7 install and then the installation itself.

Upload your DSM7 install and continue

The process will look visually different than what you are used to by now and it will take up to 20min or so depending on the configuration, array type, and number of apps/services.

The new Windows 10 like upgrade process. Not a fan, but you have more information then before truth be told
Second stage, update of your apps and services

So after DSM has been updated to the latest version you will be ready to log into it and continue forward. In the previous article, you have managed to see that the UI has got a facelift but the important thing now is apps and storage array.

Optimize your RAID array

Most likely, DSM will flag a warning that your RAID array needs to be optimized so head to the Storage Manager.

One button solution. Hit "Run now" to initiate data scrubbing

Once inside you might see the attention symbol that your storage pool needs optimization. Schedule it or run it then and there. Be prepared that it will take some time depending on your array size.

Active Insight

Another thing that might jump at you is the new Active Insight feature pop up. If your NAS is compatible with the new AI platform, DSM will prompt you to consider enrolling your NAS with it. Of course, you don't have to do it right off the bat, but just keep in mind that it is there.

Signup pop up for the new Synology Active Insight

I have written about AI in this article, so have a look if you want any more info.

Should you upgrade?

This could have been the first thing heading in this article, but might as well be the last. So should you or not upgrade to DSM7?

The short answer is yes, but also you need to keep some things in mind. Until DSM is officially released at some point in 2021, unless you have a test NAS or a NAS with Virtual Machine Manager capabilities, avoid installing it.

Even on day 1 when the official version is out, there might be some tools, apps, or services that you will not be able to run on your NAS because of the upgrade process. This is mainly related to the 3rd party Package Center apps.

Considering that the preview version was started back in September and there will be several beta versions before the final version, it might be safe to upgrade day1, but again, best to wait or ask around if someone can verify if certain apps are working as intended.

You can always ask here in the comments section or use the link on the top to chat using support.blackvoid.club platform.

All in all, downgrade as always, is not officially supported, so once you update, it is a one-way street.

There is no doubt that this version will be the most stable one around considering how much internal testing and delays there were, on top of a long preview and beta period, but with all that, play it safe if you are not running multiple NAS setup or having VMM options.

Note: DSM 7 via VMM will not have all the features that are supported on the bare metal install (Hybrid Share and Active Insight are not supported for example).

The DSM7 upgrade process was straightforward for me, with no problems at all and the fact is that it will only get better and more stable as time goes by.

Post back and comment if you have any questions on the matter of would like to test out some specific app/service without jumping on the update wagon. Maybe I can help with that.