This week Synology is attending the Computex 2023 expo in Taipei, Taiwan. Along with the presentation of some new x23 NAS solutions that came out in the past six months, Synology is also presenting some new devices and a brand new lineup of hard drives, the HAT3300.

Synology HAT3300 Plus series NAS drives
New SATA #Synology NAS drives are coming as part of the new #HAT3300 series. 4, 6, 8, and 12TB disks with a 3y warranty.
Brand new HAT 3300 drives are presented during the Computex 2023 expo

One device in particular that has a hands-on demo as well is the upcoming BeeDrive.

Synology BeeDrive - personal backup hub
Starting in June, Synology will present the BeeDrive. A DAS device designed for individuals that want a simple but robust solution with minimal setup and upkeep needed
New DAS 1/2TB SSD powered drive
The NEW BeeDrive
Synology DS423+ review
The NEW #Synology DS423+ is here! 4-bay Intel-powered NAS for media and data management with video transcoding capabilities.
Synology DS923+ review
Brand new #Synology #DS923 is here! A long-awaited 4-bay #NAS comes with an optional #10G, up to 32GB of RAM, and an #AMD Ryzen.
Synology DS723+ review
Not long ago, #Synology released the brand-new DS923+. Today, here is its younger brother, the new top-of-the-line 2-bay #NAS, the DS723+

One particular feature that Synology is also presenting during the expo is an improvement to its business line of apps and solutions. Particularly the Synology Office and MailPlus.

Both of these platforms are getting generative AI support. Now, at the moment Synology is not saying what AI is being used exactly, but the demo of this feature clearly shows off support for AI assistance when it comes to generating content, such as emails.

The platforms will have a single button that will allow us to invoke the AI in order to trigger the response based on the app that is being used. In the case of an email using MailPlus, users will have the option to use certain predefined template responses, or the option to insert a query that will generate an email reply.

An email that needs a reply
The new AI invoke tool
Typing in the AI input parameter and generating the response 
AI-generated reply

While it can't be seen in the image, the response can be modified in several ways. We will be able to make it shorter or longer, change the tone of the text to be more professional, casual, or for example friendly, and there will be translation options for several languages. Currently supported languages are English, traditional and simplified Chinese, as well as German, French, and Spanish.

The AI Writer tool can be used with Synology Office files as well, like a document or a presentation.

Using AI to write a short blog post based on another document file
Give the AI a document, and wait for the generated content
AI-generated content inside the Synology Office platform

At the moment it is not clear when this preview will arrive inside the current versions of these apps, as well as whether will there be a minimum version requirement for this feature. One thing is clear, and that is that Synology is following the AI train along with everyone else. How well will this benefit the users remains to be seen as well as what kind of requirements it needs in terms of network communication with the outside world.

While many Synology users are used to their privacy, in the case of AI it will almost not be possible to have this functionality on the device itself. It will certainly have the need to communicate with Synology branded or 3rd party services like ChatGPT for example.

Hopefully we will not wait too long for these features to arrive so we can all test them and benefit from them.