Today Synology released a new version of their surveillance client, the Visual Station. This time around it is called VS600HD.

The new VS600HD Video Station - compact Surveillance Station client

In case anyone is not aware of what this Synology device is, it is a desktop client much like a SFF PC that connects to existing Synology Surveillance NAS or DVR products as well as to a dual 4K display, keyboard, and a mouse.

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With a setup like that, businesses can set up a monitoring station to get the most out of the Surveillance Station solution.

Concept of how VS600HD can be integrated into the environment

This 15W power device is very compact, as well as light, and has the option to be mounted using a VESA mount to any compatible monitor.


The device is packed in a compact eco-friendly box with all the needed elements apart from the HDMI cable.

Along the device itself, there is a single LAN cable, power adapter, and VESA kit in case we want to mount it on the back side of a monitor or TV.

The VS600HD comes with its own VESA mount kit that will allow for easy installation on a compatible monitor or TV
VS600HD has the option to be VESA mounted if needed
The mounting place, as well as the VESA mount, are included in the packaging, so no additional purchases are necessary.

Connecting the VS600HD to the rest of the hardware equipment
VS600HD mounted on the VESA mount
The VESA adapter installed on the VS600HD. The gap between the device and the metal plate is enough to allow for air ventilation

Once the device is in place (as a standalone or mounted) we can connect it to using the ports on the back of the unit. As stated before, this device can connect up to two 4K displays along with having a network connection to our Surveillance Station NAS or DVR.

Back of the VS600HD


Along the back side of the unit, two HDMI ports support 4K@30Hz, or 1080p@60Hz, a single 1GbE LAN port, two USB 3.0 ports, and a 3.5 audio jack for audio in and out.

The new VS600HD

Power and reset buttons are also located on the backside. This 15 x 15 cm large device weighs only 0,36 kg, so even if VESA installation is not an option, it will probably not take up too much space.

The bottom of the device is protected with rubber feet giving it enough elevation for ventilation as well as a decent grip even on very slippery surfaces.

The bottom side of the VS600HD has small modular ventilation, VESA mount holes, and rubber feet for elevation and grip
VS600HD key features

VS600HD comes with a fixed Synology 3y warranty that can't be extended using the Extended Warranty Plus program.

In terms of its software features, this device supports up to a maximum of 50 IP cameras. With support for both H.264 and H.265 that number can change. So depending on the resolution and FPS, these are the supported combinations:

H.264 codec
H.265 codec

Along with video codecs, VS600HD supports PCM, G711, G726, and AMR as its audio codecs as well.

The VS600HD will allow for easier usage of all elements that the Surveillance Station offers, from watching live feeds and scrubbing existing footage to getting alerts and allowing for accurate security mappings.

If we combine the unit with one of the DVA series devices like the DVA1622 or DVA3221 as well as new Synology cameras, we can leverage AI-powered analytics to boost overall security and response time. Finally, the VS600HD can be centrally updated and controlled from any location in case there is more than one location inside our business or home.

While all Surveillance Station operations can work over a web browser or a desktop client (even some operations can be executed and used on a mobile client as well), the VS600HD can be an asset in locations where space is limited and does not allow for a full-blown PC to be installed while still providing up to 50 video stream on a video wall.

The model will be available worldwide on December 6th, and it is already available in Australia since November 1st.