Even before Disney got the rights to any SW content, Lucas was focused on making tv show content regarding Star Wars universe.

In 2003 micro series was developed for Cartoon Network focusing on Episode 2/3 period, Clone Wars. This eventually got rebooted in a seven season (current and last) delicious SW tv show called “The Clone Wars”, but looks like Disney is not done with this franchise.

For the better past of the last 6-7 years we got some other animated shows like Rebels and  Resistance but also season one of The Mandalorian. Riding on it success, as we wait for season two, creator Jon Favreau is already working on season three. On top of this a new Disney series called “Gallery” is also starting soon, featuring The Mandalorian behind the scene and making. This will be an interesting documentary, no question about it.

Disney's first tv show was a huge success

To make things more interesting, along side this tv show, Disney also has plans for three more SW shows. All of them currently unnamed, we know that one will focus on Rogue One character Cassian Andor and events leading to Rogue One, another will be tv show about Obi-Wan and lastly a new female-centric SW show that will take place in different part of the SW timeline.

Disney Gallery documentary lineup will start with The Mandalorian

As a SW fan I couldn’t be more excited that we will not have to wait years just to get a two hour long movie, still saying that I have to say that the current, season seven, series of The Clone Wars didn’t deliver to me as much as expected. Maybe my bar was set too high, but the middle part of the season was just dull and bleak. As much as I love Ahsoka Tano character, a 4 episode arc of her return to the show was no really exacting and action packed as I hoped it would be.

Season kicked off with strong 4 episode introduction of “The Bad Batch” squadron of damaged clones and their rescue of long lost Echo trooper, but that all changed in episode 5 when Ahsoka was introduced back.

Season 7 is all about Ahsoka Tano...
... and the Phantom menace, Darth Maul

Still the final 4 episodes of this short season (too bad) got me all excited again. With two episodes left till the end, episode 9 and 10 were EPIC! If they end on such a high note I will be happy and forgive them the middle, hehe. Considering that this season is still ongoing, I won’t comment on the content but I’m happy that Dave Filioni gave the fans what they wanted. Not sure what I’m talking about? Have a look for yourself.

All in all, I have to say that I am pleased with the final season and if you still haven’t watched The Clone Wars series, be sure to have a look, it’s well worth it.