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Every year March 31st is #WorldBackupDay. In case you are unaware, this is the day that you should backup your data if you haven't already (shame on you!). Of course, you should have regular backups of all your crucial content, but just in case, if you forgot, go and do it now.

How do you backup your data?

So how do you backup your data? Daily, weekly, monthly, all of the above? Multiple copies, multiple locations, off-site, cloud? You do know that your backup needs to have a backup as well, right?

Would like to point out some articles on this blog regarding NAS backup, apps that can be used for those scenarios as well as some methods that include 3rd party cloud backup as an ultimate disaster scenario.

Also, here (Synology backup apps guide) you can review a table matrix of all Synology's current backup apps and their features.

Article on using Active Backup for Business to help you make full desktop backup of your data (Win and Linux at the moment)

Example of using Active Backup for Microsoft 365 in DR (disaster) scenarios, and how to get your O365 content backup in case your NAS fails.

In case your backup your NAS data to Synology C2 cloud, here is Hyper Backup disaster recovery method via C2 article on the subject

Wondering how to backup your mobile data on your NAS? Acronis True Image Mobile - on-premise backup for your mobile device article will help with that.

For more instant recovery options from snapshots here is Snapshot & Replication - Synology’s business backup and recovery tool article to show you how a Synology platform can help you in those ransomware situations.

Finally, a bit of taste of the future. DSM 7 - Configuration backup and restore article is here to show you how you will be able to backup and restore your complete DSM configuration in a snap, and auto-backup your NAS configuration to Synology Account.

Synology usually does some sort of giveaway or promotion on World Backup Day, but this year they have decided to offer us a free 1h session on the BrightTALK site.

The topic of the webinar is backup and protection of SaaS platform, Microsoft O365, and how Synology solutions can help you protect and recover from a potential disaster.

Complete backup for Microsoft 365 | Synology Solutions

Presentation will be lead by Dave Russ

Giveaway winner!

In March of 2021, there was a 2nd-anniversary giveaway. Today we officially announce the winner (that has already been contacted and chosen).

Congratulations to, "PlataOPlomo", you are the lucky winner of the OWC MERCURY ELITE PRO DUAL MINI!

Thank you all for participating again in this first giveaway and hopefully there will be some more similar events in the future.