NOTE: This article will contain upcoming new information on some popular devices (and the rest of the hardware) that Synology will release by the end of the year and well into 2024.

UPDATE: 04/02/2024 - the new BeeStation has been officially released. Find more details about it in the full review.

Synology BeeStation review- your own cloud in minutes
Synology BeeStation review - a new preconfigured product for mainstream consumers who want to store, sync, and share personal files and photos.

UPDATE: 09/06/2023 - the new BeeDrive has been officially released. Find more details about it in the full review.

Synology BeeDrive review
Review of the new Synology DAS device, the BeeDrive. This compact USB is more than meets the eye. Packed with powerful software it will deliver in more ways than one.

UPDATE: 08/08/2023 - the new DS224+ has been officially released. Find more details about it in the full review.

Synology DS224+ review
Brand new Synology DS224+ has officially been released and here is a full review, including some of the DSM 7.2 features, speed tests, and more!

UPDATE: 07/07/2023 - The upcoming DS124 has been spotted. A super light and compact NAS from the value lineup is coming this summer.

Synology DS124 overview
Synology DS124 is coming soon. This 1-bay NAS is a compact device from their value lineup, and it offers much for its low entry price

UPDATE: 06/07/2023 - upcoming DS224+ has been spotted. This refreshed 2-bay NAS will be available during the summer of 2023.

Synology DS224+ overview
Brand new Synology DS224+ will arrive soon, and here is a quick overview of this newly refreshed 2-bay NAS that will provide video transcoding on top of all other Synology features and packages

On the following link, there is a quick overview of the upcoming 2-bay NAS from the "+" lineup, the DS224+. Nothing major in terms of new hardware features compared to its predecessor, but also a welcome refresh with an existing stable CPU, Intel Celeron J4125.

Considering that 2023 is moving into the month of May already, it will be only a matter of time before new models and services for the second half of 2023 as well as 2024 will start to arrive.

It is very common that any device coming in the second half of the current year has the number of the following year as part of its name, we can expect any new devices in the coming months to have x24 markings on them.

One of the first devices that might arrive would probably be the new refreshed 2-bay model from the plus lineup, along with "NAS-graded" HAT3300 HDDs, and already announced Synology cameras.

Current info on those devices is in their separate introduction articles below.

Synology HAT3300 Plus series NAS drives
New SATA #Synology NAS drives are coming as part of the new #HAT3300 series. 4, 6, 8, and 12TB disks with a 3y warranty.
Synology BC500 & TC500 cameras
BC500 and TC500 are the new edge-recording capable #Synology PoE 5MP cameras with decent specs and no license requirements.

New information will be added here as a short overview, and some items will have a dedicated article in the future as well, which will be linked back here.

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